Vertical Stage Session: a ‘social-art experience 2.0’
A vertical show that uses the exterior of city buildings as a medium, and integrates their balconies, which are used as scenes by the musicians.
As a result, art, social relations, culture, spectacle and requalification are mixed to form a real and veritable example of WECONOMY.

Entering directly in the houses of individuals, from the planning step to the actual event, Vertical Stage tends to create a climate of empathy and collaboration with people and the neighborhood.
Artists have the opportunity to showcase their talent in an original way, discovering a new form to present their show.
Institutions and private partners collaborate to the carrying out of the Vertical not only as formal sponsor, but they join in from the very beginning and at first hand to the creation of a unique event, different in every city involved.
It is an example of WECONOMY in the management too. Originated from the idea of a creative director, Stefano Pesca, and thanks to the strong collaboration with the creative factory Eggers2.0 and music band Motel Connection, has now become a real platform, a net of artists, professionals and partners.
An idea originating from Turin in Italy, Vertical Stage Session has become very popular in a short span of time.

Born in Turin (IT) in November 2010 for PARATISSIMA during the International Fair of Contemporary Art (Artissima), it was also promptly used in Milan at the FUORI SALONE DEL MOBILE as the closing event for the International Design Week.
Vertical has benefited from media positive reviews, especially from online community, and has had an important positive and emotional effect on the public during both events.
Vertical Stage has become very popular in a short span of time, as to be exported abroad in less than 1 year. Infact in September 2011, Vertical Stage took place on the balcony of the European Parliament in Brussels during the Young Volunteers Stand UP! The II Youth Convention of Volunteering organized by the European Youth Forum to celebrate the European Year of Volunteering.