The Motel Connection’s project was born in Turin in January 2000 after meeting of three artist known in the Italian music scene:
Samuel also frontman and Subsonica singer, Pisti dance oriented DJ and producer with a strong stage presence and Pierfunk the first bassist of Subsonica very funky oriented.
In November 2001, the first work signed Motel Connection, the soundtrack of the movie “Santa Maradona” debut of Marco Ponti.
In November 2002 “Give me a good reason for wake up”, first album of Motel Connection, followed by the hit single “Two”.
In 2004 Motel Connection is assigned the soundtrack of the new film by Marco Ponti “A / R Andata+Ritorno”.
“Do I Have a Life?” comes out in 2006 for EMI Music, albums followed by an italian top clubs tour.
Born in 2009 “H.E.R.O.I.N.” (Human Environmental Return Input Output Network) based about enhanced creativity concept, unlimited resource in all people.
The interaction between differents individuals creativities through the digital connection, inspire a shared culture – as already happens in the scientific world with the sharing of knowledge or using the open source logic – new concept of music as multiple and innovative communication code. “H.E.R.O.I.N.” is a cross-media project, in March 2010 release of this album co-produced by Stefano Fontana (Stylophonic).
Starting from October 2011 the Motel Connection broadcast every Sunday on National Radio M2o “Juno 106″.
The sophisticated and distinctive Motel Connection’s sound is open to new alternatives internationals atmospheres, waiting for a new album.